Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hmm a non deep blog

So I've been unfortunate enough to begin feeling rather despondent here lately. Of course i'm sure the loneliness doesn't help at all. I'm going through one of those phases where I have begun to outgrow the group of people that I hang out with and as a result, I'm alone. Although there are some very key differences this time around. I have a great girlfriend who alleviates a good deal of those feelings as well as a couple of close friends, although one of them is about to ship off to boot camp soon. I can generally place a great deal of the lonliness to a generally feeling of not fitting in where I am right now. I'm just not quite right for anything that happens around here lol. And the other bit is just a general lack of caring from most of the people in the group that I am a part of.

I'm also currently reeling from being told that I would no longer be teaching private lessons, and for me that was going to be my way back into the music teaching world, but the guy I was going to be replacing ended up coming back to town due to some unrelated nonsense so I'm back to square one I suppose. Now I have to figure out some other way to make money before my refund check comes in as well as figure out someway to boost my monetary income to help what I'll be putting back into savings for a car so I can finally have my own wheels again.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Second Post

Alright so after this post I'll stop the whole numbering my posts, unfortunately that means that I'm going to delve into my limited imagination to come up with catchy titles, except for they won't be catchy, but I'm almost sure that no one will judge me too harshly for it.

Alright so I'm currently pursuing a Bachelors in Psychology and I only mention that because it's going to be mentioned in what I am about to share with the class (the class being anyone else who can access this over the Internet. Just in case you didn't catch that)

So a friend of mine and I had a fairly interesting conversation via Facebook today due to one of his status

every woman who has ever felt slighted because a guy was more interested in the chick he thought was hotter, count yourself thankful! cuz that guy is a superficial asshole only interested in one of two things: a trophy wife/gf or a hot piece of ass. He looks at women as a thing not a person. He wouldn't know a quality woman when he sees one.
Now I couldn't agree to that statement at all and simply told him that i couldn't agree with that 100%. Which, then he proceeded to say this.

that's cuz your reading more into the statement than your supposed to. word for word what i said holds true 100% of the time. if a guy chooses one girl over another girl on the soul fact that she is hotter than the other it is always true.
At this point I decided to go ahead and explain to him why I couldn't agree with him on what his original thesis stated.
nah i still can't agree with it. now if you were to hold a double-blind type study for this and it were to turn out true then i would, but you really can't say that just because a guy chooses one girl over another simply based on looks is superficial. especially seeing how looks are what tends to draw two people together. if guy A is talking to female A and then female B, who appeals to his eyes a bit better, comes along and he goes and talks to her. that situation in itself cannot be used to justify anything one way or the other honestly because the only way to determine if the guy is superficial or not we would have to know more than just the words you put on here.
now if guy A had been talking to female A long enough to actually get to know her as a person and he likes her and then all of a sudden female B, who he considers hotter, comes along and he goes after that and she has a shit personality, then yes, in that case he is more than likely making a superficially based decision. But if in the same instance he leaves A to talk to B because he doesn't like A's personality, but B's personality is more along his style and admittedly at first what caught his eye was her looks, but his decision of staying due to her personality is not very superficial at all, nor does it mean any of the rest of the things that you stated
His response to my explanation was

spoken like a Psychology Major. All I need to prove my point on this topic is a dictionary.
/ˌsupərˈfɪʃəl/ Show Spelled[soo-per-fish-uhl] Show IPA
being at, on, or near the surface: a superficial wound.
of or pertaining to the surface: superficial measurement.
external or outward: a superficial resemblance.
concerned with or comprehending only what is on the surface or obvious: a superficial observer.
shallow; not profound or thorough: a superficial writer.

choosing by looks alone is superficial. and therefor by proxy an asshole behavior.
no where in my statement did i mention personality as influence for the choice.

And we conclude this discussion with me stating

and i based my original response based off of your statement of choosing by looks. we all choose whomever we're attracted to based off of looks. does that necessarily make it superficial choice or just how we as humans choose. nowhere in the definition of superficial does it say it is a bad thing. it's society that decides that it is an asshole behavior. by your definition we are all thereby assholes and superficial. you can't simply state that a guy is an ass by him doing what is natural for everyone. both males and females do it so basically we're all assholes and all females are bitches because we have all been passed up because there was someone better looking. i was simply suggesting that in order to determine if someone was being an ass that one would have to delve further into the situation itself

And that's it so far but basically I was simply trying to show to him how his use of the word was correct but his premise was just completely wrong. Of course that was just my opinion and I've been known to be wrong from time to time. However, if anyone stumbles across this would you do me the honor of giving me your opinion on this discussion?

First Blog

Well for starters I guess I should say that I am an atheist trying to actually come to terms with it at the moment. You know, the whole making sure that I really am and am not just jumping on some sort of random bandwagon that may or may not exist. I've been wanting to actually start up a blog for a few months now so I have some place where I can jot down my various thoughts and ideas of things that are going on within my head or just post stuff that I find amusing. Either way if someone stumbles across this, awesome, if not, equally as awesome, in theory anyway.